Long Island Airbrush Tanning

This is the newest, safest way to achieve a natural looking tan without the damage of UVA & UVB rays you get from tanning salons and the sun!

It’s a self-tanner that is applied with an airbrush to give you an even, natural looking tan. You will see results immediately; your tan will deepen over a 24 hour period and lasts 7 to10 days


DHA is a simple sugar, is nontoxic, and FDA approved. In fact, it is an intermediate in carbohydrate metabolism in higher plants and animals and is more rapidly metabolized than glucose in the body. Specifically, this three-carbon keto sugar is a physiologic product of the body formed and utilized during glycolysis--that quintessential metabolic process that we've all had to memorize at least once. DHA used in self-tanners is usually prepared by fermentation of glycerine by Acetobacter suboxydan

Here is how it happens in self-tanners: The reaction of skin with DHA to produce an artificial tan proceeds through combination with free amino groups in skin proteins, and particularly by combination of DHA with the free guanido group in arginine. (Epidermal proteins have a very high content of the amino acids arginine, lysine, and histidine.) Aqueous mixtures of DHA with glycine, lysine, and histidine also gave brown to yellow pigments. These pigments are called melanoidins. Melanoidins are polymeric compounds that are linked by lysine side chains to the proteins of the stratum corneum--which is the outermost, dead layer of human skin.

Although the formation of melanoidins is different from that of melanin--the natural substance in skin that causes real tanning--some of their properties are similar, especially their absorption spectra. This suggests DHA tans offer some protection from the sun, but not much--maybe equivalent to SPF (sun protection factor) 2 or 3. So you'll still need plenty of sunscreen, shades, and a big hat to stay safe. You can get a sunburn through your artificial tan and defeat the whole purpose. So play it safe: Your perfect tan is made in the shade.

GUIDELINES FOR AIRBRUSH TANNING: Full body tan takes approximately 15-20 minutes

  • Before having this process, shower to remove any residue from the skin. Exfoliating with a scrub or loofah will remove dead dry skin for optimal results. Pay special attention to elbows, knees and feet.
  • Shaving should be done the night before, and do not use deodorant, body lotions or perfume
  • For the actual tanning process wear a bathing suit or similar (It washes out of clothing)
  • Initial tanning session-2 full applications will be applied to ensure coverage and intensity
  • Maintenance tanning session-1 application to intensify original tan (done within 2 weeks of initial tan)
  • Wear loose fitting clothes (tight fitting clothes could create a streak)
  • Wait 5 hours before taking a shower, wash, swim or take part in vigorous exercise, for the DHA tanning process to be complete. When you shower any excess tanning solution will be removed and you don’t have to be concerned with it coming off on your clothing.
  • Remember each pass of the airbrush will give you a deeper tan, you can go through this process as often as you’d like with no harmful effects.
  • Airbrush tanning is not a sunscreen (use sunscreen when in the sun)
  • Following your tan, use body lotion daily and avoid exfoliating to prolong your tan.
  • Treatment is not suitable for suffers of psoriasis, eczema, cuts and abrasions or during the first 3 months of pregnancy

Full body - $60 Maintenance - $40

Upper body (face, neck, chest, upper back, arms) - $40 Maintenance - $20

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