Long Island Areola Tattooing - Scar Camoflaging

Areola Complex Pigmentation

areola tattooing | nipple correctionPatients with loss of the nipple and areola from cancer excision, trauma, or congenital absence continue to experience psychological distress even long after breast reconstruction has taken place. Studies have shown that recreation of the nipple-areola complex has a high association with overall patient satisfaction and acceptance of body image. Nipple-areola reconstruction represents the completion of the breast restorative process and has significant psychological implications for women who undergo mastectomy. Nipple size, position, projection, and color are determining factors in the aesthetic symmetry of the reconstruction.  Complete nipple-areola reconstruction with tattoo can visually draw attention away from the scars.

How is the procedure done? A topical anesthetic is applied to keep the patient comfortable however; most patients with breast reconstruction have little or no sensation. We will start by drawing the outline of the areola and mixing a pigment to match your original coloring. The patient will be involved in choosing the size and color for their procedure. The entire process can take approximately 1 to 2 hours.  To achieve a natural looking areola the outer edge will be stippled to create a soft edge.  The inner coloring of the areola gets a mottled effect to mimic the natural variation of color.  With Areola complex we can create a 3 dimensional effect for the nipple area by using varying shades of light and dark, so for women who did not have nipple reconstruction they can still look like they have one without the actual projection.  A totally NATURAL look is the goal.

Scar Camouflage

Both men and women can benefit from scar camouflage procedures. Scars from burns, surgeries, Vitiligo, Hypo pigmentation, hair transplants and other blemishes can be dramatically diminished through advanced micropigmentation.  These procedures are great confidence builders and complete this restorative process, both physically and emotionally. There are different ways of making scars look less obvious. Depending on where the scar is located and what color the scar is, adding proper pigment to the scar will usually yield a significant improvement making them less obvious.

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