Tips for "Picture Perfect" Make-Up

MakeupTip 1 - FOUNDATION - Even if you have never worn foundation before now is a good time to start. A good base will even out your complexion and camouflage ruddiness.

Tip 2 - POWDER - Powder sets your make up and controls any shine which can cause a blank white spot on your final photographs.

Tip 3 - CONCEALER - This evens out discoloration around your eyes which can make you look tired. Pay special attention to the inner corners of eyes.

Tip 4
WATERPROOF MASCARA - By choosing a mascara that is waterproof you avoid black tears and the chance of the mascara running. Waterproof mascara is a must if there's a possibility of tears. Better to be safe than sorry.
Tip 5
LONG WEARING EYELINER - Try to choose a waterproof liner. The wax based liners end up where you don't want them. Set liner with a shadow similar in color to eyeliner. This will also give a smoky look to the eye.
Tip 6
EYE SHADOW and BLUSH - When choosing an eye or cheek color for the camera steer away from the shimmery shades. This is not favorable for the camera and photographing. Your application should be natural. Not too light but not too dark either.
Tip 7
LIP LINER and LIPSTICK - Your lip liner should match or be one shade darker than your lip color. For a longer wearing lip color choose a matte finish. Also, fill in lips with liner and then apply lipstick, blot and re-apply. You can also use my lip sealant.
Tip 8
CONTOURING and HIGHLIGHTING - You can create the illusion of more chiseled features with this method. All colors must me blended properly. These special effects are best left to a professional artist.
Tip 9
WAXING - This should be done at least one week prior to any special event. Accidents can happen. You should maintain with tweezers.
Tip 10
PREPARATION - Last but not least, always prep your canvas.
EXFOLIATE - Removal of dead dry skin cells will ensure a smoother more natural look when applying foundation.
MOISTURIZE - Pay particularly close attention to your lip and eye areas. No facials within two weeks prior. Facials should be done once a month for optimum results.
IF - you should happen to get an unwanted pimple, a quick visit to a dermatologist for a cortisone injection will flatten that blemish right out. It is easier to camouflage a spot rather than a bump.

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